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Welcome to Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation!

Thank you for visiting Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation , non-profit organization. We are dedicated to rescuing Premarin (PMU) horses and foals that have been discarded by the drug industry and are headed for slaughter. 
We're Moving to Missouri

We're headed for green pastures and trees!



Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue is packing up and moving out to Missouri!


The DREAM we've been chasing is about to be CAUGHT!   We are so excited to announce that Dreamchaser will be relocating to Falcon, MO, in order to provide grass and trees and a more natural lifestyle for our sanctuary horses!   We will remain Dreamchaser PMU Rescue, and we are already an accredited Global Federation Animal Sanctuary.

Falcon, MO, is located below Lebanon and above Springfield in SW Missouri.  There is not much snow, and if you get it, it doesn't last long.  The horses will think they have gone to heaven.  Just down the road are big sections of the Mark Twain National Forest where you can ride and even camp.  The house is near the Gasconade River and we are already thinking of Boy Scout and Girl Scout tepees out there... Susan's goals will remain EDUCATING about Premarin and Horse Husbandry, and working with children.

Susan will remain in MO with the horses, but we will have some people still working here remotely to help with the administrative duties of our sanctuary and educational outreach programs.  The sanctuary horses are made up of 13 PMU horses, two horses that were deserted on the desert to die, two brood mares that can no longer be used for breeding, one Welsh Pony promised to live out her life with Susan, and four burros.

The transport trailers are scheduled to roll up on October 27th, so we are busy cleaning up, packing, and getting ready for the move. There is a lot to be done in a short amount of time.  Susan wants to get the horses there before it gets really cold.


The horses and burros will be on Cloud 9, living as nature intended, and grazing about 8 months of the year.  We have been working hard since Susan's accident last November to get these numbers down in order to make land a possibility for the sanctuary horses. 


We hope all of you will continue to support Dreamchaser, receive our newsletters, and cheer us on as we move from 5 acres of desert to 81 acres of grass and trees.  Thank you for all you have done to help us; it is now time to let these older mares enjoy life the way it is supposed to be!



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